"Weave threads of VALUES 
throughout the fabric of your curriculum."

Bette Pinkerton Memorial Scholarship Fund, REEF
Riverside Unified School District
3380 14th Street, Riverside, CA  92501
(951) 788-7134

REEF is the Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation.  

The REEF Bette Pinkerton Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded 2005 February by Nita and Bill Prosenik.



Courtesy Nita and Bill Prosenik
Best friends Betty Gray (right) and Judy Bennion as student teachers at the University of Utah, 1964.

2007 February 7, REEF Grant 2

Gretchen Fisher (5th grade); CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?, Classroom Amplification System for Deaf Students; Castle View Elementary School

2006 February 8, REEF Grant 1 Jamie Aballi (2nd grade), LeeAnn Henninger (4th grade), Christine Fisher (CPS); ACCELERATING ACCELERATED READER, Language Arts-Reading Comprehension; Castle View Elementary School