And some Happy Birthdays.


[W]hen we turn SIXTY, we really take off,
with our dreams for the future still HITCHED to a STAR!
Your sixtieth birthday is a time to celebrate
your accomplishments and explore tomorrow's dreams...
but most of all, it's a time to celebrate 
the very special person you are.

Jan. 30, 2003

Dear Bette--

Just couldn't miss the opportunity to finally welcome you into "older" age!!! Since you don't look a day over 45, it's hard for me to really believe you've entered the "sixties"! You're just entering what can be 15 to 20 of the best years of your life. I know you will make the best of them--especially after you retire. 

My fondest wishes on this really special birthday!

Barb H

May 2, 1998

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to observe in your classroom. The experience was inspiring as well as educational. I can say without a doubt that I will be applying many of your strategies and principles in the future as I have already begun doing so with my own children!


Valerie J. Baule

Mrs. Pinkerton:

I just thought that I would get some use out of this beautiful stationary, and write you a "thank you" note. This is not only a "thank you" for the gift, but also a "thank you" for the last six months. I do believe that I was your oldest student this year. Through your kindness and generosity you allowed me to have a wonderful and educational job experience. I was not only blessed with the opportunity to work with a magnificent class, but I was allowed to borrow their teacher on more than one occasion. I picked up so many great ideas from you both on the creative front (loved the painted flowers) and on the classroom management front. I have found myself engaging the students in a much different manner and handling many situations much differently. These have all been things that your many years in the educational field have taught me. Thank you, once again, for a little "on the job training" that I hope I will be able to use in the future.

Thank you kindly,

Gina Cocca


Dear Bette,

Thanks so much for all the kind things you do. I know that without your sound advice and guidance--and friendship--I would have been lost! 

You are such a good person and I respect you a great deal... I know how busy you are--always!

Have a wonderful summer with your family.





Thanks you for all your help that you have given me this year. I feel very lucky to be apart of the 5th grade team because of the excellent support I received! You really helped me through my 1st year and I couldn't have done it without you.



May 21, 1997

Dear Bette,

I'm sitting in a class at Cal State at 8 p.m. and already thinking about my RSP program for next year...

I have four children in mind that I would love for you to take. They all need their self-esteem boosted and you do such a super job in that department... All of them need a sense of community and belonging... 

I am confident that these students can make growth and become productive members of society... Please give it some thought, and let me know what you think. I know, together, we can make a difference for these kids.  

The boys have made such gains this year being with you. They both feel good about themselves as learners. I know you are to be given much of the credit because of the way your classroom becomes a community of learners.

Most sincerely,


"I admire so much about you. You're the kind of person who shows strength in the face of challenge, yet still knows how to be understanding and sensitive. You're the kind of independent person who makes decisions wisely and who stands by what you believe in. I'm so grateful for all the things I've learned from you. Thank you for your wonderful example." ("Thank you for your wonderful example" double underlined, triple exclamation marked.)

Dear Bette,

I truly cherish our friendship that has grown over the past years. I will be forever grateful for all you have done to help me become a better teacher. What will I do without you next door? You have always been there for me-- (I do believe we were separated at birth!) Plan on lunches.



I love working with you. You are so much fun. That's probably why I do tease you so much!

Happy Birthday





A hearty "Congratulations!" to Castle View's 1998 Teacher of the Year...! Your sincerity, warmth, and firm yet caring attitude shown to students (and coworkers) is a continuous amazement to me and others. We all have received your "gifts" of humor, wisdom, and consideration of others, and I--for one--feel blessed. I know your students benefit as well--it shows every day in their dealings with others.

Here's to you and continued success & health in the future.

Best Wishes!



"As You Retire, May pleasure walk with you, May luck smile upon you, And may joy be at home in your heart." Traditional Blessing

"Wishing all the things that bring beauty into your world and joy into your heart... Wishing you all the things that make you feel good about life and about yourself... Wishing you the special things that will give you happy moments today and happy memories tomorrow."

You outdid yourself during your years of teaching. Now relax and enjoy your retirement. You deserve it!

Much love,

Barbara Smith


June 21, 1989

Dear Bette,

I do hope that as you look back on your two years at Pachappa you will recognize the impact you've made on the life of many students and staff. You present a serenity which those who know you admire.

You are an exceptional teacher and I am sorry to see you leave. I'll never forget counseling two of your students last year & having one of them say to the other, "If I am not part of the solution, then I am part of the problem." Pretty impressive problem solving.

Best of luck at Gage. I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts on The Middle School experience.



May your day be a blessing & all through the year. Thank you for being a wonderful Teacher. You are a gift to the children.

Happy Birthday

Tim Aarts


You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Your peace of mind will be a big loss to RUSD and the Castle View community.

Enjoy your retirement. 


Mary Koeher


Don't ever forget how respected and appreciated you are by people who know what an excellent teacher you are--your peers.


Congratulations Teacher of the Year


I'll always think of you as "Part of the Solution".


Cathy Taylor

Dear Bette:

Thank you so much for... all the thoughtful things you do all year long. You are a special person & I feel privileged to know you.



"Happy Retirement! All these years you kept your nose to the grindstone, pulled your hair out, and worked your buns off! Take what few body parts you have left and enjoy your new life!"

Betty, I know you will enjoy your retirement! And here are some bon bons so that you'll have something to do!