Reach for the Moon and you'll land among the Stars.

Mrs. Pinkerton, 

Thanks for being such a great inspiration for Joey... 

Have a great summer.

Andrea & Joey and Joe

A Special Teacher
inspires dreams and helps provide the tools 
to turn those dreams into realities.
It takes a special teacher to inspire students to do their best...
It takes a teacher like you.
Thank you

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton, 

You have inspired Karrine beyond words. And now you have inspired me as a future Teacher. You are truly a treasure to our family.


Angie Mascari & Family

June 1994

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

I would like you to know what an outstanding year this has been for John. As parents, we are sending our children to school and entrusting it daily with their personal and intellectual growth. This can indeed be intimidating when you realize that one person, in a period of nine months, can influence your child's most important growing years. It can often affect critical choices throughout the child's life. A child's potential can be either enhanced or suppressed by a teacher.

I feel that John has had a year with you that will profoundly affect his further school years. He has learned to expand his boundaries and his potential while at the same time developing self-direction.

You have managed to enhance his abilities and provide a creative and interactive classroom environment which John looked forward to daily. I appreciate the care and concern you demonstrate towards your students. I especially appreciate it for my own son, John. He could not have had a better year.

With all my thanks,

Tina Nguyeu


We all wanted to say congratulations on being named "Teacher of the Year!" If any person in education deserves it...

I'm looking forward to helping with your class in '98-'99... To this day Chris says you're the best teacher he's ever had. His organizational skills are attributed to you!

Again, congratulations and have a restful, fun summer. Maybe we'll run into each other at the tanning salon!


Tom, Cindy, Chris & Kellie Thompson


Dear Mrs. Pinkerton:

I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my appreciation to you for the job you've been doing in teaching your students. Especially so lately because of the crisis our nation is currently involved in. I think you've shown great compassion to your students in allowing them to express their fears & concerns. I've learned from Tim that you've set aside class time to discuss their questions. I thank you for doing so. I believe it has helped Tim, not only understand what is going on in the world, but also how events touch each person individually. He has, I think, a better understanding of what is going on than I do. Certainly he is more aware of things around him than I was at the same age.

He, too, is appreciative for the opportunity you gave to ask questions about what may or may not happen. There were questions asked that he was reluctant to express himself.

Thanks again!

Becky J. Kleveno

June 21, 1989

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your loving guidance and encouragement this year. Thanks to you and Mrs. Kruger, Michael is feeling capable and successful.

You have both made a very great and important contribution to both my sons' education and feelings of self-worth!

Many thanks to both of you.

Pamela Taber


I believe the children 
are our future--
teach them well and 
let them lead the way

June 17, 1992

from the desk of Georgia Huling

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you for the great job as Natasha's teacher this year. You are truly special.

Sincerely yours.

June 92

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you for helping to make Kevin's 6th grade year a good one! He has really enjoyed your class and grown so positively.

Have a good summer vacation! We'll see you in 1993 when David starts kindergarten.


Madeline Watts


Dear Bette--

You have been on my mind lately--and I felt like I needed to write to you to thank you for the wonderful influence as a teacher you have had on my children. Because Randi loved and adored you as her 5th grade teacher--she decided to be an elementary school teacher when she chose her major in college. She taught 2nd grade for 2 years before she stopped teaching to raise her family (2 boys--2 year and 4 months) Julie--not sure what she wanted to study--decided to do as Randi and got her degree in teaching as well. She taught 5th grade for 2 1/2 years before she had her twin daughters back in November. Now JoEllen--entering her freshman year has chosen the same profession as her sisters because of their good example to her. See what you started?  :)

Thank you for being such a good example to them--teaching in such a professional and loving way. A teacher's influence truly touches multitudes! Thank you for touching the lives of my children.


Cindy Gippase


Dear Mrs. Pinkerton

Thank you for making Davids last year at Castle View Such a memorable and Pleasant one. I appreciate your hard work in getting The children ready for Jr. high. I Know The change will be a Smooth one Thanks to you...

(HEART) Robin Jones

Mrs. Pinkerton, 

You're a wonderful teacher.

Parents have special dreams for their children... dreams about their happiness and their future. A good teacher helps to make those dreams come true. Thanks for being a teacher who cares... a teacher who makes a difference.


Sheila Bruns & Lindsay

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton--

Thank you for your kindness toward Sydnee this year. She really had a productive year and enjoyed your class.

Thanks again.

Michelle Fogal

June 17, 1998

Mrs. Pinkerton:

Can we convince you to teach 6th grade? 

My husband and I are so grateful for the dedicated teaching, guidance and caring Weston had the privilege to have and enjoy in your class. 

If you could have listened to our conversations at the dinner table, and Weston's remarks about his class and his "favorite teacher," you would have been proud! He admires you so!

This past school year is one Weston will treasure for years to come.

Thank you! !Gracias!

Mr. & Mrs. Hall

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you for all you've done for David. He had a real good year and has grown in many ways under your skilled guidance. We know he'll miss you. He's often said with enthusiasm "this was my best year ever!"

Thank You.

Gary & Nory Leu

May 10, 2002

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton--

You're the best!

You have given Clayton an outstanding 5th Grade Year. He is so lucky to have you!


The Bolings & Clayton Too!  :)

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you for giving Michelle such a wonderful fifth grade year. She will be a better student and continue to follow her dreams because of your efforts as a teacher.

Thank you so much

Best wishes for a terrific summer!

Shannon Olive

Al Parker

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton

Please know how much I appreciate all you have done for Matt this year. 

Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and support.


Kelly Pettit

A Special Thank You, Mrs. Pinkerton.

Wishing you lots of enjoyment and relaxation during your retirement. You are truly a fine Teacher. Amy flourished this year in your class and we appreciate all of your hard work and efforts. It was a pleasure being in your classroom. We wish you and your family the best life has to offer. God Bless and Take Care.

Paula & Amy Snow

June 15, 2000

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful skills and values you have taught our son, Andrew, this year. We are so pleased he was in your 5th grade class. He is very much prepared for the "Big Grades" now.

We hope you'll enjoy your much deserved vacation!


MaryAnn & Ken MacKey

Mrs. Pinkerton,

This is a little something to show our appreciation during "Teacher Appreciation Week." Your caring and thoughtful ways are very much appreciated, your ability to listen and understand each student's unique gifts make you a wonderful teacher!


The Seagos


Mrs. Pinkerton,

Our Family would like to Thank You for being Daryl's Teacher. (5th grade) We thank you for your Patience and understanding. Daryl has been very happy. Mrs. Pinkerton have a lovely Summer and God Bless You.

Thank you

The Wilson Family

Mrs. Pinkerton--

Thank you so much for being faithful to your calling as an educator. Rebecca has had a wonderful 5th grade year, thanks to your leadership.

Thank you also for allowing me the opportunity to help this year. I really enjoyed myself and the students.

Our prayer is that your summer will be refreshing and revitalizing--

See you next year!

D'ann Park





Joyce Hoopai


Mrs. & Mr. Pinkerton

I am aware you have heard this saying many many times "Children Learn What they Have Lived". This is true & Chase has been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have two wonderful people to teach him with such a positive way to learn and be a good valued person in life. He has progressed so much this year in many areas. Our Family will pray for Mr. "P"'s continued recovery. Our prayers are with you both. Thank you.

Mrs. Paysinger

June 16, 1998

Dear Mrs. Pinkerton,

Jack and I both want to thank you for giving Jay such a memorable and rewarding year. You set high standards, expected the kids to do their best and really challenged all of them. Most of all, you laid a firm foundation for the challenges of middle school--we particularly appreciate that.

It's been a great year--you found ways to encourage Jay to read, to write, and to research. You emphasized the fact that there are lots of ways to learn, and you understood that our crazy travel plans could actually surround some real inquiry. Jay was always inspired by the independent study projects you assigned, and your questions motivated some probing that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Most importantly, Jay has enormous respect for you--when he was tempted to slack off, your approval was as important to him as our own.

I can't  tell you how often he talks of you--"Mrs. Pinkerton says..." is one of his favorite phrases. He may not realize it yet, but I know that your influence will always be felt--I'm fairly sure that he'll forever put his hand over his heart at the mention of Utah!

Finally, in this day of an often casual approach to image and attitude, thanks for bucking the trend. You always look lovely, and you show the kids that you value your job and them--and that presentation matters. At their age, it's a subtle message, but an important one.

Thanks for being such a great teacher--you certainly deserve your award!

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summer--and that your husband's health continues to improve.

Our best,

Lippi & Jack Aggareth

Mrs. Pinkerton,

Thank you for a wonderful year and congratulations on your retirement.

If you could call me on my cell phone and tell me Richards grades I would appreciate it.

Thank you.