Tues. March 1, 2005

Dear Jennifer,

How I think of you and send you good thoughts throughout the day!

Have to share something with you. The other day, while at Curves, a pleasant thought passed through my mind. The day before your mom's birthday she, Nita and I had lunch down in Newport at Fashion Island. I told your mother I wanted to buy her a piece of pie for her birthday. So I did. But first, the restaurant brought her out a small sundae. She ate every bite. Then they brought her a huge piece of chocolate pie she ordered and she ate every bite of that too. I remember thinking that I didn't know how she was getting it all down as it was so rich, and she never ate that much at one time. But how glad I am that she ate every bite and enjoyed it so much! It gave me a chuckle. Then I called her Sunday to say Happy Birthday. I think she was going to your house. We had a good talk.

Jen, I hope you know how much your mom treasured the special relationship that the two of you shared. You were closer than many mothers and daughters. You were SO good to her, so thoughtful, not always an easy task, I'm sure, due to demands from your family and your own health. How proud she was of you! You and your family fed her soul in every sense of the word.

The last time Vic and I went to dinner with your parents, (it was Bossanova down on Spruce), your mother told us about her great-grandmother who left home when she was 13 to join a Mormon wagon train. I don't know how she happened to tell us that but I found it most interesting. I think your family has artifacts in the Mormon museum in Salt Lake.

"Grandma Pepper"
walked across the
plains with the
Mormon pioneers.

I love thinking of your mom in her Red Hat! She looked so gorgeous! She hated that hat and complained about wearing it and going every time but the next month would come along and off she'd go with me again complaining about the hat with renewed gusto. I would just ignore her and change the subject. We'd go to the lunch and the last time she told me she was actually beginning to forget about the stupid hat. So progress was being made.

"Wrinkles, Gray Hair,
What is that...
I'll just wear Purple,
and a Big Red Hat!"


Jennifer, I would really love to remain close to you and be in your life in any way that suits you. Will call when we get back from Hawaii.

Thinking of you with love,

Kathi Gibeault